Inspirational interview with Fred Swai

DARECHA: Hello Fred. How are you? Please tell us little bit about yourself. Age? Education? Family?

Fred Swai: Hello Julius. I fine, thank you. My name is Fredrick Cuthbert Swai. I am the first born in a family of three children. I was born in 1992 making me 19 years old now. I had my primary school education at Ilemi Primary School then was shifted to Juhudi Primary School where I finished my primary level education. Thereafter, I was selected to join Kibaha Secondary School. I like to call it “the school of dreamers”. I graduated from O-level education in 2008 and after that pursuded A-levels at Mlima Mbeya High School.

DARECHA: What is your business name? What does it do?

Fred Swai: I called my business “The Dreamer Stationery & Gaming Company” and the secret behind the name is just me. The Dreamer is my alias. I have lots of dreams and I will never stop dreaming. I believe one day it will be A BIG YES! I am running the stationery and gaming businesses separately therefore in short I am running two businesses at the same time. With the stationery business I offer services like photocopying, printing, lamination, book binding, scanning, cards creation and several more services… and in gamming I have set up a gaming centre where I charge people who play games in the computers and I charge at a considerable rate per half an hour.

Darecha Rep: When and how did you start your business?

Young Entrepreneur, Fred Swai: To be honest, I started my business in my mind and I used to plan it day to day but I was afraid of the failure, obstacles and embarrassment. Imagine… two years passed without doing anything on ground just having the idea. I just needed somebody or something to tell me that I could do it simply something to motivate and inspire me. After I heard about Darecha, I thought to put my idea in a reality and that’s when I started seeing several obstacles, first I had in mind contradiction as I was thinking of the life of other young people of my age in my street and several as I introduced my idea they laughed at me but I was not discouraged…… Secondly, it’s from my parents as it took a lot of time to explain to them why I needed the capital. It was tough but I thank God because finally they understood and they started buying one machine after another from 2009 but it was in form of a LOAN. I had to sacrifice my school pocket money just to let my parents accumulate some funds for me.In January 2011,I found out that I had enough capital to buy my first asset (computer and printing machine) Physically, I opened my trial dream after my form six education in Febraury 2011.

Darecha Rep: You have said that Darecha inspired you. How did Darecha inspire you to start your own business?

Young Entrepreneur, Fred Swai: At the first time I heard of Darecha in the end of 2009, I started following it very serious with the activities it does….. I found out you,the founder of Darecha, is very young just like me and he keeps doing great things.I said oooh! There are young people who are doing great things out there, why am I wasting time here? Therefore I went ahead to add Julius as my friend in Facebook. At that time he was a student at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg South Africa. Whenever I found him online, I used to ask him questions through chatting. He truly inspired me a lot. Actually, he was very good in answering the questions I had for him. He use to tell me that one day I will make it but better much to keep efforts and learn from failures points I passed. Also I was inspired much when I see his website with great wonders he made as thinking to expand Darecha to other African countries.I think that is how everything started!

Darecha Rep: How much do you earn per day? How do you use the income you get from the business? Have you employed some people in your busieness?

Young Entrepreneur, Fred Swai: Actually I earn 15,000 to 20,000 Tanzanian shilling per day. In a month I earn approximately 600,000 Tanzanian shilling. I use the income to reinvest in the business by buying more machines and other raw materials. I use the funds to pay rent, electricity bills and wages to one employee. Something funny is I have no salary for myself. I have in the business. Yeah..I have employed one person in my business.

Darecha Rep: What is your plan for this year because you still have to go to university right?

Yes…. I am about to go to university. Also I am thinking of paying for my college education as I can see that I would have accumulated enough funds to pay for university studies.Yeah I have a plan of handing over my responsibilities to my employees, I have a plan of employing one more person before I go to college I want my businesses to go on. So I have to employ smart people.I will also design a website for my business as I want other young people to know what I am doing so that I can inspire them to do even more.

Darecha Rep: What is the advice you can provide to youth who are waiting to be employed?

Young Entrepreneur,Fred Swai: Honestly, what I can say is Youth is the only time you have to do great things in your life if Julius Shirima can, Fredrick Swai can, Zitto Kabwe can, Halima Mdee can, January Makamba can, John Mnyika can and several other young people make great things in politics, businesses, agriculture and several more places, why can’t you.You shouldn’t wait for other people to employ as there are no job opportunities in Tanzania, just employ YOURSELF. “You have to think big and make wonders” by Benny Carson. If sometimes your dreams have fallen apart never be scared to take one piece of your fallen dream and start again from it. Yes you can.

Darecha Rep: What is your vision in 10 years from now? How would you want Darecha to support you further?

Young Entrepreneur, Fred Swai: Yeah within this ten years from now, I wish to own many companies (more than one) I can’t write here what type of companies because many people are very nice to copy hahahahaaa…. But I hope to employ not less than one thousand workers… thats my dream. In case of what Darecha to help me, its to keep me update with where I can get enough capital so as I can make my dreams come true for the benefit of many young people in our nation.

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How a 9 year old brought water to 60,000 people?

Most of us have made wishes in our lives, wishes that we believe one day they will materialize. A little angel Rachel had a wish to fulfill in her 9th birthday. Her wish was to fundraise $300 so that she could build a well that could provide clean water to drink to 15 people.

She decided to set up a fundraising page. On her page she wrote “I found out millions of people don’t live to see their 5th birthday…because they didn’t have access to clean safe water, so I’m celebrating my birthday like never be”

Through hard work and determination, despite her young age, Rachel managed to raise $220.She couldn’t reach her goal at that moment but she promised her mother, Samantha, that she would raise more money to accomplish her dream in her next birthday. She made a commitment, unfortunately, a month later Rachel was tragically killed in a road accident.

The story of Rachel and her wish spread across the world. Millions of people heard about it. More than $1.2 million was fundraised to help Charity: Water to accomplish Rachel’s dream of helping others.

On her anniversary, Rachel’s mother and grandparents visited Ethiopia to greet over 60,000 people who Rachel has helped through her birthday wish. Sadly, she didn’t live to see her wish became true but others carried on her vision.

Rachel has taught us a lesson that age or anything else shouldn’t be a barrier in making big wishes to help others. Rachel has transformed and will continue to transform the lives of thousands of people. We have a chance to make a wish a big wish to transform the lives of our friends, families or even people we haven’t met before. Make a wish today and work hard to make it Happen! Make a commitment.

That was little angel Rachel birthday wish,what’s yours? Comment below to let us know!



By Julius Shirima, Founder Darecha

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Do you know the most succesful artists in Tanzania?

We all love and support artists and their amazing works. Each of us has his or her own favorite artist(s). Almost every day, we witness rising of new talents in the art industry from paintings to music and other forms of art. Tanzania is one of the countries with immense talents that define our art industry.

Unfortunately, due to structures in place, most artists face unnecessary obstacles that hind their ability to reach their full potential. But those who have been able to navigate through these obstacles have created a name not only for themselves but also for our nation. These are entrepreneurs and they all started at a very young age. According to Clouds tv, the most successful ones, in our nation, are: 10. Ali Kiba 9. Jacob Steven ”JB” 8. Rose Mhando 7. Nasibu Abdul Juma “Diamond Platinumz” 6. Ambwene Yesaya “AY” 5. Joseph Haule “Profesa Jay” 4. Vincet Kigosi “Ray” 3. Late Steven Kanumba “Kanumba” 2. Judith Daines Wambura Mbibo ”Lady Jay Dee” 1.Mzee Yusuph

We (Darecha) believe that there are millions of talented and determined youth in Tanzania who have dreams of doing amazing things. You could be one of them. Our advice is keep working hard, day and night, especially doing what you love to do because that would perfectly mix together success recipes to bring you and our nation a bright future. After all, we believe nothing comes easily.
On that note, we would like you to enjoy the video (credits to Clouds tv) thereafter provide us with your feedback/thought in the comment box below.