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About DONE!


Darecha Opportunities Network – DONE! is an entrepreneurial youth network and a subsidiary of Darecha Limited. DONE! is a platform through which established or potential young entrepreneurs from various places connect and stay updated on current entrepreneurial matters and opportunities. DONE! connects young entrepreneurs through its network and  networking events which turn out to be opportunities for them.

Since its inception, DONE! has been an ideal platform for connectivity and networking for young entrepreneurs. As a youth entrepreneurial development company, Darecha launched DONE! to keep young entrepreneurs in our communities informed and connected to all available opportunities, thus, enhancing growth of their entrepreneurial undertakings. To date, DONE! has at least 5000 members, click here to join.



DONE! Members range from different categories operating in different industries;

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Traders/ Business
  3. Social Entrepreneurs
  4. Professionals

Founder – The Dreamer Center


 Fredrick Swai, one of Darecha members and the founder of “The Dreamer  Center”; an organization that offers computing and office services such as  printing and book binding. Fredrick and his team also offer a variety of  educational enrichment programs to local youth, including computing skills  courses and the opportunity to play educational computer games during  non-school hours. Frederick and his two full-time employees have a strong  recurring customer base.





Founder – JC Fashion

JC Fashions

 Jacqueline Chipeta is one among top ten Darecha finalists 2014 and the  founder of JC Fashion. Since 5 years old, Jacqueline portrayed an intimate  passion for fashion and art work which led to her current operating  business JC Fashion.  Officially launched in 2011, JC Fashion has  attended several fashion shows at both national level and international  level. JC has now grown to having its own premises with two full time  employees.






Founder – “Tujiajiri”


 As one of Darecha top ten finalists 2014, Alfan is personally engaged in  agriculture and is passionate about helping youth in his community at  Iringa town realize their dreams. Alfan has founded  “Tujiajiri”; an  organization which seeks to reduce and eradicate poverty in Tanzania  through entrepreneurial education provision. The organization offers  Provision of Multi disciplinary Education from grass root of secondary  students to university and community in General, youth and women in  particular.






Founder – Agile Construction Co. Ltd


Fadhili Mhagama, one of our members who started by accepting small  individual orders to launching a full operating construction company several  years ago. Fadhili Mhagama is currently working with big companies and  organizations within the country.






Each member in DONE! falls under either one or more of the categories with one common factor, “Passion for Development in Tanzania”. Alongside such categories, DONE! Has a closed membership for senior experts and partner companies in each category who are usually invited as guests of honor in DONE! events.

Membership Benefits:

DONE! As a youth networking platform, aims at bringing about positive change in our communities by providing its members with the following:

  1. DONE! members get to grow their networks and an opportunity to meet and interact with senior experts and successful figures from different development categories/ Industries through DONE! Events
  2. DONE! members get to receive (upon one’s request) online and physical mentorship regarding their businesses/ projects.
  3. DONE! members are regularly updated of all the current opportunities for youth to excel in their businesses/ projects.
  4. DONE! members can  accordingly access venture capital for their businesses in simplified manner.

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DONE! Events…


DONE! is built on the power of Connectivity. With its regular events DONE! Hosts other exclusive events which bring its members together and connected to senior experts from our membership categories.

event 1

Julius James Shirima, Founder – Darecha Limited (Middle) celebrating the Commonwealth Youth Award with Hon. B. Membe – Minister of Foreign affairs Tanzania (2nd Left), Tanzania’s Ambassador UK, Hon. Kallage (1st Left), Director of Communication for Tanzania’s government UK, Ms. Mindy kassiga (2nd Right) and The Director for International Cooperation, Ambassador Celestine Mushi (1st Right). March, 2015.





Event 2

Kamalesh Sharma – The Commonwealth Secretary – General awarding Julius James Shirima, Founder – Darecha Limited, The Pan Commonwealth Youth Award for 2015 at the Royal Overseas House – UK. March, 2015.







Event 3

Julius James Shirima, Founder – Darecha Limited shaking hands with Philip Florian (Darecha Winner for 2014) at the Darecha Competition Grand Finale Event. Others in the picture: Doris Parsons (1st Right), Richard Miles (Middle), and other invited officers from The National Economic Empowerment and Tanzania Investment Bank. September, 2014.





Event 4

Darecha Competition  Grand Finale 2014, Panel Judges. Doris Parsons (L), Yakhub Leslie (C), Ms. Catherine Baretto (R). September, 2014.








Event 5

Darecha Competition Grand Finale Event. September, 2014








Event 6

Darecha Competition 2014, top ten finalists.








Event 7

Julius James Shirima, Founder – Darecha Limited (L), with the Darecha team in 2011. Special recognition; Madam Ritha Paulsen (Guest of Honor), Harris Kapiga (Event MC). July, 2011.







Event 8

Darecha Competition 2011, top ten finalists with the Darecha team.









Event 9

Julius James Shirima, Founder – Darecha Limited (L), awarding Darecha 2009 overall winner, Lusekelo Nkuwi certificate of Achievement. An officer from Ministry of Youth Tanzania (2nd Right), Darecha team member, Ability Andrew (L). August, 2009







Event 10

Darecha Competition 2009 finalists.