Who We Are

DARECHA is a unique youth-led organization that develops, connects, and supports those individuals who, through effective and sustainable business ventures contribute to making poverty history. DARECHA was founded in 2008 by Julius James Shirima with the belief that entrepreneurship is the key to transforming the African economy.

We believe that in order to effectively deal with poverty and any other economic hardship we need to develop a thriving private sector thus we embrace the idea that entrepreneurs regardless of their background, financial capacity or education level are the drivers of any strong economy. We therefore seek to equip young, aspiring entrepreneurs with skills, knowledge and guidance to help realize your ideas.

Through our programs, DARECHA addresses the problem of youth unemployment and poverty by filling the gap left by the formal education system in Tanzania where about 95% of the 700,000 youth from primary, secondary and tertiary learning institutions entering the job market annually do not get employed in the formal sector due to lack of knowledge, skills and hands-on experience. The current education system does not prepare students to tackle real life problems but instead only prepares students to pass exams. Furthermore, elite schools that may offer some kind of skills building are generally unaffordable to majority of the population.


To enable and empower youth in Tanzania [and Africa] to have a better future.


To bring about strong and sustainable social and economic growth in Tanzania [and Africa] through promoting and inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth